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Recent Sermons

We are committed to taking you on a glorious journey through the entire Word of God. It is our hope that these live uncut online sermons will bless you and strengthen your walk with Jesus. Listen anytime online and please feel free to download any of the messages to listen offline or to share with others.
"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God"
Romans 10:17
Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 a.m. 
Weekly Morning Service

Through the New Testament

The Book of Revelation:
Unlocking the Mysteries of Our Future!

Chapter 1

God's Blessings Unveiled!

Chapter 3

The Pure Bride of Christ! - Part II

Chapter 5

Worthy is The Lamb!

Chapter 7

Salvation Belongs to the Lamb!

Chapter 9

Repent and Live for Jesus!

Chapter 11

What Are They Wearing?

Chapter 13

Turn the Light On!

Chapter 15

Victory Over Evil!

Chapter 17

Called, Chosen, and Faithful!

Chapter 19

Two Last Suppers!

Chapter 2

The Pure Bride of Christ!- Part I

Chapter 4

My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation!

Chapter 6

The Wrath of the Lamb!

Chapter 8

A Salah Moment in Heaven!

Chapter 10

The Little Book of God's Love!

Chapter 12

A Great Sign Appeared... Hosannah!

Chapter 14

The Fall of Babylon!

Chapter 16

It is Done!

Chapter 18

Place Your Trust in Jesus!

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