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Accept Jesus Today!

After an encounter with Jesus, we will either be transformed or we will be sorrowful. Transformed showing fruits of repentance or sorrowful because we cherish our riches and lifestyle much more than the words of Christ.

Zacchaeus had everything against him prior to his receiving Christ.

Read Luke 19:1-10.

- He was very rich. Easier for a rich man enter the eye of a needle.

- He was a publican, tax collector. Everyone hated him.

- He had to sell out his religion, friends, to Rome to become a publican.

- He was short in stature and had to overcome, on his own, many obstacles in his lifetime, prior to seeing Jesus.

- He was a Jew, a son of Abraham. The Jews had a veil making it difficult to believe in Jesus because of their Old Testament ways.

- He lived in a vacation town for the wealthy, like a Las Vegas of our time.

Yet, none of this deterred him from hearing, seeing, obeying, repenting, and receiving JESUS as his Lord and Savior.

What is preventing you from receiving Jesus?

Is it your stature, your employment, all the “stuff” you own?

What keeps you from His love?

If you have received Jesus, what is stopping you from doing everything you can just to hear His voice in order to deepen your relationship with Him?

Jesus has come to seek and to save that which was lost.


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